Introducing Olivia, your facilities digital assistant

The team at 4insite is excited to introduce you to Olivia, the first digital assistant born specifically for facilities management. Olivia is an automated chatbot designed to create a new way for your building occupants to interact with your staff. 


Reporting incidents and problems, submitting requests, even asking general questions about the facility are all just one tap away.  Whether it’s taking a survey, reporting a problem, getting the latest weather forecast or even needing an emergency call number, simply ask Olivia for help! 


The team at 4insite spent years perfecting Olivia, and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight just a few ways that Olivia revolutionizes site management. 


Collecting Consistent and Accurate Survey Data 

We’ve heard from facilities managers that they need a better way to collect survey data. Before Olivia, facilities managers used manual methods of collecting email addresses and inputting them into separate systems. Once facility managers sent out a survey, it wasn’t easy to collect and analyze the data. 


Olivia allows the facility to simply display a poster with information on how to contact her via text. From there, it is easy for building occupants to submit their feedback to Olivia. 


Olivia’s survey tool provides extremely valuable information for your facility. In addition, incidents are tracked automatically by taking note of time and location, creating an audit trail of important property information. With all of this data collected through Olivia, the cost, time, and inaccuracy of site surveys are greatly reduced. 


Take it from a facilities manager who implemented Olivia. The data she collects allows her and her team to improve the quality and safety of the facility. She said, “We’ve learned a lot about some nooks and crannies that we didn’t know about. Like a doorjamb not receiving the door properly or there’s a tile that’s coming up that could create a tripping hazard.” 



Streamlining Work Orders 

Every day, facilities managers manually track work orders. Either they keep a spreadsheet or write down bugs in a notepad. With Olivia, all of the information is stored in one place.  


Olivia streamlines work order processing in your facility. The chatbot creates a frictionless, easy-to-report approach for building occupants. Occupants access the chatbot phone number stored in their contacts list and text ‘Report a Problem’ to Olivia. Olivia will simply ask the necessary questions to create to request in 4insite. 


Olivia also allows you to customize the chatbot information for a each building. This way, if your facility has special rules or expectations, you can inform your occupants about them.  


Seamless communication between building occupants via Olivia improves a facility’s quality and overall health as problem areas can be reported and remedied quicker.  Olivia helps achieve higher end user satisfaction by making it easy to communicate with the facilities teams. 


Before 4insite, an aerospace company was frustrated by missing hazards in their facility. “It’s been really cool to be able to get ahead of an issue when it’s a smaller issue and keep it from turning into something larger. It’s an improved experience with Olivia, quicker.” 


Knock knock 

We’ve even programmed Olivia to tell you a joke when you’ve had a long day and need a laugh.  


Here’s a fun one: “Why did the man run around his bed? Because he was trying to catch up on his sleep!”  


We know facilities issues are no joke but Olivia fosters an enjoyable experience encouraging higher levels of engagement with the facilities team. 


Want to see if Olivia is right for you? Email to see how Olivia will revolutionize your facilities management.