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Beyond Wages: How technology drives facility front line staff attraction and retention

The Great Resignation, workforce retirement, and changes in local minimum wages have complicated the employee landscape. In a recent partner survey, we found 39% of site and facility managers are having issues with attracting and retaining employees. Plus, the cost of hiring a new minimum wage employee is roughly $4,650, which can add up quickly if your entire workforce turns over every year.

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Some of what is in this webinar:

  • Using technology to attract, engage and retain employees
  • Empowering frontline staff with job descriptions and clearly defined daily tasks
  • Building workforce confidence by increasing technology literacy

Featured Presenters​


Paul Emperador

SVP, Union Relations & Global HR

Paul J. Emperador has worked in the Facilities industry for 25 years, gaining experience in Operations, Human Resources and Labor Relations.   He is also a Board Member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 49 Health and Welfare Trust. 


Marie Espinoza

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Marie’s years of experience running a large facility combined with her leadership role at 4insite gives her an appreciation for the real-world struggles operations teams face and how technology can make a real impact.


Doug Ridley

Director of Product
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With nearly 2 decades of building software, Doug leads the Innovation and Product Teams at 4insite working directly with industry professionals to build tools that support the needs of todays modern facility.

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